Champions Find Ways to Succeed

The story of Derek Jeter’s early arrival in Tampa may have caught your attention this week. The Yankees captain showed up long before position players are scheduled to report on February 25. For a player already destined for a spot in the Hall of Fame, he’s not resting on his laurels. Even after achieving the rare feat of collecting 3,000 hits in 2011, the former Gulf Coast League player knows nothing in baseball (or life) is guaranteed.

Like Jeter, champions in every profession find ways to succeed. They don’t sit back and wait. They don’t make excuses. They don’t shift responsibility to others. They commit themselves to excellence each day, every day. When solutions for a particular problem don’t exist, they invent new ones.

Jeter’s love of the game hasn’t diminished nearly 20 years after his first spring training. On occasion, you’ll find a business owner whose love of his or her work matches that of the Yankee great. It’s recognizable in small ways: courtesy during phone calls and other communication, timely scheduling of appointments, and clarity in explanation of pricing. In an age when customer service in many industries seems inadequate at best, a champion never forgets about remaining a crowd pleaser, regardless of what tools and equipment he relies on to do it.

At Arry’s Roofing, we fill our roster with champions like Jeter. You won’t see them in Cooperstown someday, but the workmanship and expertise provided by these licensed roofing professionals could earn them a spot on any All-Star team. Also, our status as a GAF MasterElite Roofing Contractor is one more testament to our dedication to maintaining the highest standards in the industry.

When you need roof repair, roof replacement or roof cleaning in Tampa Bay, choose a champion who’s been satisfying customers for more than 25 years—without having to sign a single autograph. Learn more at www.arrysroofing.com. Then call us toll-free at 727-938-9565.