Cut Your Trees, Prevent Roof Damage

On a recent roofing job in Tampa Bay, we shot a little video to illustrate a problem caused by trees. Jayson Hansel used his phone to show us what he spotted on the roof of a home surrounded by palm trees. Then, we uploaded the video to our YouTube page to share with you. Take a look at the 30-second video using the link below.


As you’ll see in the video, the shingles are darkened and dirty. In some cases, a roof cleaning will be sufficient to remove the dirt and debris. Neglecting issues like this one can eventually impact the condition of your roof and its longevity.

Trees aren’t the only cause of this problem, but they are definitely an area of concern for many homeowners all over Tampa Bay. While they serve to shade and beautify your property, you want to be vigilant about the potential problems that can stem from their presence. A routine roof cleaning is one way to keep small issues from growing larger. Cutting those trees back to keep debris off the roof is another important step, as Jayson mentioned in the video.

What else damages your roof or affects its appearance? Dust, leaves, mold, and fungi can harm your roof over time, while attracting heat instead of reflecting it. That can lead to higher costs to cool your home during the spring and summer. Debris can also cause cracks in your roof, leaving you with a leaky roof during Tampa Bay’s wettest weather.

In some instances, trimming those tree limbs on your own may be easy enough. But make sure you follow all rules for safety, whether using a ladder or cutting on the roof. Injuring yourself to prevent potential roof damage isn’t worth it, is it?

If you prefer to use a professional tree trimming service, you can find reputable ones quickly online. Just visit Angie’s List. You’ll find hundreds of top rated service providers.

For Tampa Bay homeowners looking for quality roof cleaning, let Arry’s Roofing know how we can help you. Roof cleaning is one our expert services. You can contact us at (727) 938-9565 to schedule your free estimate for a home or business.

Are pretty trees leaving you with a dirty roof?
Are pretty trees leaving you with a dirty roof?