Finding Your Promising Start in Tampa Bay

You don’t need to be a baseball fan to revel in learning the New York Yankees fell three times in a row to the Tampa Bay Rays. The sweep at home for the Rays included a win for 2011’s AL Rookie of the Year Jeremy Hellickson who also celebrated a birthday. It’s a good time to be a Rays fan, but a promising start as a new homeowner in Tampa Bay takes more than three consecutive good days.

A first-time homeowner has plenty to think about once the move-in is complete. Unpacking and decorating is a given, but finding the perfect painting to hang in the living room is not a critical issue. What becomes critical is the ability to effectively maintain the home over the period of time you plan to live there.

Let’s take a look at five areas to consider as a new homeowner. This won’t be a comprehensive analysis. But it will give you a chance to give some thought to important topics and issues you’ll potentially face in the coming years.

5 Areas for a First-Time Homeowner to Consider

1. Maintenance Costs
The expense of maintaining a home should be part of a monthly and annual budget. This includes cleaning areas such as the roof or a fireplace.


2. Hidden Surprises
Whether it’s a new home or a home that’s new for you, every home has hidden surprises. It could take you weeks or months to discover them. Anticipate a time when some issue about your home, such as hot or cold spots in a particular room, reveals itself.

3. Repair Resources
Repair needs are inevitable. Accidents, storm damage and other events will send you scrambling to find reputable professionals. Before the need arises, make a list of the key types of contractors you’ll need, including roofers, plumbers and electricians.

4. Energy Efficiency
Energy savings is a hot topic, and you can find numerous ways to reduce energy consumption. Newer appliances, better insulation and replacement windows and doors are just a handful of options.

5. Market Value
Sure, you just moved in but treating your home as an investment is aided by remembering that someday you may want to sell it. Whether that day will come five or fifteen years from now keeps you focused on ensuring every area of the home is in tip-top shape.

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