Follow Up to an Insulated Metal Roof Makeover

Arry’s Roofing has been touting the benefits of metal roofing for years. You may have noticed we brought up the topic recently here when sharing a report about the resilience of metal roofing against hail. Today we want to share the story of a metal roofing project we handled for a Florida couple, and the impact it’s had on their lives.

While some people still consider metal roofing to be a staple of commercial properties only, our customers Lis and John McQuaig knew the switch from shingles was the right choice for them. When the crew arrived at the McQuaig home, we started the work of tearing off the shingles first. We would go on to install the insulated metal roof they wanted.

 See the before pics of the McQuaig Roof

It’s important to mention that the work took place a year ago. That means Lis and John have had a chance to evaluate the entire experience from installation on. They can look at the period following installation and measure the impact of their decision on household expenses. Here’s what Liz had to say: “The energy savings has been amazing! We noticed immediately that our air conditioner didn’t have to work as hard. Even with a bunch of people in the house, we noticed it that very first day! And the savings on our power bill has been awesome! The new roof made a significant impact on the monthly charge.”

Reflective Foil Insulation

You can experience the same dramatic change in energy cost thanks to Reflective Foil Insulation. It provides up to 97% Radiant Energy Reflectivity, which measures how much radiant energy it can redirect away from the roof’s surface. Also, this solar energy barrier is easily installed, resists mold, fungus, and pests, and remains 100% waterproof and unaffected by humidity and UV rays. This reflective quality is also an asset on structures or portions of a home or business without A/C, such as porches and garages.

Metal Roofing Review

A year after the installation, Lis has plenty to say about the whole experience, especially the installation process. She wrote, “I couldn’t say enough good things about you, Al and Nemo…what a crew!!! It was such a delight working with you guys. The level of expertise, professionalism and courtesy was above and beyond. You guys are a great team!”

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A view during installation.
A view during installation.


The work is completed.
The work is completed.


It's still looking great a year later.
It’s still looking great a year later.