Nail-Pop & Other Neat Roofing Terms

Parents of young school-age kids are often called upon to test their child’s spelling, understanding of word meanings, and reading comprehension. It can feel labor-intensive at times unless it’s done in some fun way. Games are a great way to teach kids new things. Games also work for adults.

Multiple Choice, True or False, and Fill in the Blank are a few popular exercises. Let’s start with a True or False question.

1. When a nail is not fully driven, it sits up off the roof deck. This is the definition of Nail-Pop. True or False?

Let’s move on to a Multiple Choice question.

2. Installing a second layer of shingles aligning courses with the original roof to avoid shingle cupping is known as:
A) Blistering
B) Nesting
C) Buckling
D) Racking

Now let’s try a Fill in the Blank.

3. A Roof Plane is a roofing area defined by having four separate __________.

How about another Fill in the Blank?

4. Crickets effectively divert ___________ around roofing projections, such as chimneys.

We’ll wrap up this little quiz with another Multiple Choice question.

5. A roof with four roof planes coming together at a peak and four separate hip legs is commonly called a:
A) Capstone Roof
B) Brow Roof
C) Alp Roof
D) Hip Roof

How did you do? If you’re an ace and got all 5 right, reward yourself with your favorite dessert tonight. If you think you got less than 3 correct, you may want to spend a few minutes studying.

GAF Glossary of Roofing Terms

Getting comfortable with roofing terms is one way to become a better informed customer. A better informed customer will make better decisions regarding home improvement needs. More importantly, a better informed customer will think more critically when in the process of evaluating which contractors to hire and which to avoid.

See, there is something valuable about play time, even at your age.

(Answer Key: 1. True; 2. B-Nesting; 3. edges; 4. water; 5. D-Hip Roof)