No Roof Left Behind Installation Party & Tropicana Home Show

Arry's Roofing once again enjoyed another Home Show at Tropicana Field in 2013.
Arry’s Roofing once again enjoyed another Home Show at Tropicana Field in 2013.

It’s been a busy month already for the crews and the staff at Arry’s Roofing. In addition to our regular roofing jobs, we have been out in full force two weekends in a row. The weekend took us to the Home Show at Tropicana Field where we got a chance to see many familiar faces and meet some potential new roofing customers from around Tampa Bay.

Last weekend, as November got underway, Arry’s Roofing delivered the goods to the winner of the local No Roof Left Behind promotion, Linda Hunsinger of St. Petersburg and her family. Despite the rain, everyone managed to thoroughly enjoy a day dedicated to what we do best, providing high quality roofing systems installed only by the experts. 

The photos really tell the stories best. We were lucky to get the event captured by Heather Fletcher of Cox Media Group, WDUV, and 107.3 The Eagle. For those who missed it and anyone who attended, we invite you to take a look at one of the links below to see what’s posted on the radio stations sites. We also chose a selection to post right here on the blog page. You can find them all further down on this page. 

We are honored to be a part of an event that is already making such a positive impact on the life of this family and everyone who comes into that home. Linda has been quick to share her thanks along the way since being named the No Roof Left behind winner in September. After the new roof was installed on November 2, she shared her gratitude again on the Arry’s Roofing Facebook page.

“Thank you for making a dream come true for our family. We were so glad to meet you and your fantastic family in person at our home today despite the rain. Your Arry’s Roofing family is awesome too! I feel like we are now a new addition to both!”

Being an active part of the community always has been a part of our mission at Arry’s Roofing. We enjoy helping our customers, meeting our neighbors, and making new friends along the way. Let us know how we can can help you next by giving us a call or requesting a quote on our site. 

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