Preparing for Hurricane Season in Tampa Bay

June 1 marks the beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane Season and the next couple weeks are a good time to prepare yourself and your home for the potential of damaging tropical weather this summer. As a leading Tampa roofer, we encourage our friends and neighbors to take the necessary steps to reduce personal risk and property damage during the next six months. We’ll help you get started right now by understanding how to prepare, how to survive, and how to repair or replace should damage occur.

One mistake people often make is finding comfort in the estimate of a below-average hurricane season. Fewer named storms don’t mean it’s time to relax. Preparation is just as important. You still want to create a plan for hunkering down and evacuating, stock up on supplies, and assess the current condition of your roof with the help of your trusted professional roofer.

Taking a few minutes to discuss hurricane season with your family members can be a valuable step as you get everyone involved and on the same page. To help you get started, here’s an abbreviated list of steps to follow in the next couple of weeks. You can customize this list based on your own needs.

  1. Download an app to get weather alerts and tracking information on your phone.
  2. Contact a licensed and insured roofing professional to assess your roof’s current condition.
  3. Stock up on supplies, including flashlights, bottled water, non-perishable food and batteries. Include food and water for pets.
  4. Choose an interior room in your home for hunkering down during the storm.
  5. Choose a method of communication for your family to use once a hurricane is approaching. Keeping all communication on “one channel” is essential. Free apps, such as WhatsApp and Voxer, allow you to text to a group of people using the app for free. 
  6. Plan for a potential evacuation and select a meeting spot should family members get separated.
  7. Select a licensed and insured roofing professional to contact should you need emergency repairs following hurricane or tropical storm damage.

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Tropical Storm Isaac is seen in this NASA handout satellite image as it approaches the Florida Keys
The 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season starts on Sunday June 1.