Roofing Praise from a Solar Community Member

Clearwater’s Andrew Karpinski loves his solar power and making music. When he sent a review of the work done by Arry’s Roofing, he included a link to one the songs he created for a cartoon band. It’s not about roofing; it’s about a guy dating a zombie. We’ll get to that later. First, let’s look at how we helped this Tampa Bay roofing customer.

“I want to thank you for the way your company accommodated my special needs with regards to my solar photovoltaic installation. You did the work when you said you were planning to. You also did the whole removal, dry-in, and tile installation in less than four days. This resulted in my solar electric system being shut down for less than six days, which includes the removal of the solar panels and their re-installation. Your men also allowed me to re-install the standoffs on the bare roof deck and then your men waterproofed the standoffs and their corresponding flashings, as well as the electrical feedthrough box, in the normal course of the roof dry-in, which results in a better waterproofing job than I or any solar contractor could have done and pleased the building inspectors.”

Andrew goes on to explain a serious problem he had with a previous roofer after he acknowledges one of our Tampa roofing experts by name.

“I also want to thank you for the help your people, particularly Dave Braund, gave with quotes and working with the insurance people in getting the settlement  for my damaged roof, which was damaged by another roofer who had materials delivered to the wrong house. I used your firm nine years ago when I first replaced my tile roof. Then I was very happy with the dry-in and flat roof but not so happy with the tile job. This time both jobs were well done!”

We are so pleased to hear this kind of feedback from a satisfied customer. We do handle this type of work from time to time as well. On this particular job, Arry’s Roofing didn’t install the actual solar products, but we worked with the solar contractor and made sure everything is waterproof.

As our thanks to Mr. Karpinski, and to provide you with some musical entertainment, here’s a link to an animated music video for his band Stone Marmot. Fans of zombies will especially like the song. Enjoy!

My Girlfriend Is A Zombie