Summer Hydration Reminder from Clearwater Roofers

One of the safety measures we take at Arry’s Roofing is making sure our crews working in 90° heat stay properly hydrated during the workday. It’s vital to replace fluids lost along the way rather than waiting to do it all at once. We remind our friends and neighbors to do the same thing this summer to avoid serious problems when working and playing outside.

We found some helpful information online to put fluid loss in proper perspective. It goes far beyond simply feeling thirsty after a couple of hours of enduring heat and humidity and losing 1-3% of water. Medical experts say even just 4% of water loss can cut your performance by 20-30%, and 5% water loss can give you a headache and make you feel irritable and fatigued.  Weakness can begin after 6% of water loss, and 7% water loss can lead to a collapse.

How much water loss you are experiencing can depend on the nature of what you’re doing as well as the level of heat and humidity. An average amount per hour is one liter, but that can climb to 3 liters per hour on hot and humid days. We face a lot of those days during summer in Tampa Bay.

If your first thought is to replace the amount of fluid lost per hour, think again. While in the midst of working outside or participating in any active recreation, for example, your goal isn’t to consume one liter for every liter lost. Medical experts will tell you the body can absorb less than a liter of water per hour at most. Drinking too much can pose problems, too.

If you want to find an ideal amount for you, consult a physician.  The amount will differ for people of different sizes. Those who weigh more will likely need to consume greater amount of water when working or exercising in the heat.

Not every beverage will have the same impact. We mentioned water frequently, but options for staying hydrated also include drinks like Gatorade. It’s wise to avoid coffee, tea, and sodas that contain caffeine, as they are diuretics and will prompt you to go to the bathroom more often.

If you have a tip for staying hydrated during the summer in Tampa Bay, share it with us. Post a comment on this page or on our Facebook page, or Tweet it to us @arrysroofing. 

Insulated water bottle
Consider buying an insulated water bottle to keep close by during these hot summer days in Tampa Bay.