Support for Our Tampa Bay Bucs

We have used our Facebook page and Twitter account on more than one occasion to cheer on the Rays and the Bucs, and show our support for all things Tampa Bay.  So when we hear news that the Bucs have the 29th best fan base in the NFL, out of total of 32 teams, it prompts a lot of us to raise an important question. How do you show your support?

One Tampa Bay Bucs fan site, the Pewter Plank, asked that question to draw from the fans their reaction to the study. We want to do the same. Do you agree with the Bucs’ low rating, just above the Cardinals (5-11), the Falcons (13-3), and the Raiders (4-12), or do you believe it should be higher?

Attendance is not the only measurement of a team’s fan base, according to the group conducting the study. You may recall the 2012 attendance at Bucs home games was considerably lower than the capacity at Raymond James Stadium. On Week 16, the attendance for the Rams game was only a bit over 51,000, down from nearly 65,000 on Week 14 when the Bucs hosted the Eagles. That was the season-high number for attendance, by the way, and the only game to draw more than 60,000 fans.

Of course, the fan base goes far beyond Tampa Bay. Our fans are coast-to-coast, cheering on the Bucs in stadiums, homes, and sports bars in every major city and a whole lot of small towns too. They’ll be cheering on Saturday night as preseason action continues against the Dolphins and again on August 29 as we host the Redskins.

On September 8, the Bucs open the 2013 season on the road facing the Jets in New York. The following week the team returns to Tampa Bay in a matchup against the Saints. After a trip to New England, the Bucs host the Cardinals on Sunday September 29 before a Week 5 Bye.

As we look ahead to the game against the Dolphins this weekend, share with us the ways you’ll be supporting the Bucs throughout 2013. Post a comment here on the Arry’s Roofing blog page, Tweet us @arrysroofing, or share your thoughts on our Facebook page. Go Bucs!

Photo courtesy of ESPN
Photo courtesy of ESPN