Tampa Bay Roof Repair in 2012

The gift-giving that accompanies the holiday season usually provides a few good mysteries, presents that provide no obvious clue about what’s inside until you unwrap them. You may eye a particular gift sitting under the tree for days and wonder what delight awaits you. These are the heartwarming mysteries of the season, unlike the mysteries at home that will follow in 2012.

One of those mysteries is how much your home improvement and repair projects will cost you over the next 12 months. There are some point of references available online related to overall maintenance and repair costs related to a new or older home. You may see figures like 1-2% or 3-4%. Usually a higher percentage of a home’s original purchase price is tied to the anticipated costs of annual repair. New homes and homes in the 5-10 year-old year-old range tend to cost less to maintain annually. But this “ballpark” figure does not do much to help you determine the cost of roof repair or replacement should it become necessary in 2012.

Due to the extensive variables related to roof repair, there is no way to easily pinpoint a cost on your own. A professional contractor can give you an estimate based on type of roofing material, square footage, pitch, and other factors including hours of labor. So while your neighbor’s roof repair may cost $12,000 next May, your roof repair the following month might cost more or less.

So how do you prepare for a figure that’s best determined by an experienced roofing contractor? One approach is to avoid being conservative in your estimation of all potential repairs. If your review of 2011 reveals that your actual improvement and repair expense was 2.5% of your home’s original purchase price, move your 2012 estimate to 3.0%. Another aspect to consider is the age of your current roofing materials. If those 20-year shingles on your home were installed well over a decade ago, replacement will become necessary very soon. Also, consider the potential damaging effects of weather here along Florida’s Gulf Coast, which can experience everything from tropical weather to hurricane force winds in a given year.

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