Tampa Roofing Stories Made Stronger

Telling a good story is always important. Whether you’re entertaining your kids or selling an idea to a client, the ability to make a strong impression is highly beneficial. That’s why we want to help you tell a memorable story when nominating a homeowner for the next edition of No Roof Left Behind


1. Make It Personal
The story shouldn’t sound like it could be about just anybody. Consider what stands out about the homeowner or the family nominated. While you avoid sharing details the nominee may not want made public, go beyond facts to give it a personal touch.

2. Create a Catchy Title
What’s the most compelling part of your nominee’s story? Figure out what will get attention and use it to come up with a strong title that elicits an emotional response from visitors to the NRLB site.

3.  Write It Like You Would Say It
If writing is not a strong skill for you, try telling the story to a friend and record what you say. This approach can help you avoid a writing style that’s too formal and lacking feeling.

4. Give Your Story a Beginning, Middle, & End
Every good story has this structure so use it to introduce your nominee, explain the roofing situation, and ask for support. That final part often gets overlooked. Making the direct request to support your nominee and spread the word can pay off in getting more awareness of the homeowner’s urgent need for a new roof.

5. Support Your Story with Photos
Use the photos as part of a 1-2 punch in your story. What you describe as a problem with your nominee’s roofing should be evident in the photos you submit. Take multiple photos and show close-ups of any damage or leaks. Also, show any impact on the interior of the home.

The nomination period lasts through September 1 so take your time to effectively prepare for creating your nominee’s story, whether your intention is to help a friend, a neighbor or even yourself. Once your finish nominating a homeowner, let others know. Use the hashtag #NRLB on Facebook and Twitter. You can also share it by Tweeting us @arrysroofing and posting it to our Facebook page.

Our most recent winners, Cody and Andrea, shared the story of seeing homeowners insurance canceled and mortgage costs rise as to shift savings to cover medical expenses for their baby girl.