What Sets Apart Some West Florida Roofers

When you’re looking for a roofing contractor in Tampa Bay, word of mouth helps. But no word is as reliable as that of the Better Business Bureau. Homeowners all over the country turn to their local BBB chapter when checking out a business. Along the Gulf Coast, residents rely on the Better Business Bureau of West Florida.

What makes the BBB so reliable a source for company information is the way a company’s profile is created. Due to the stringent criteria, not every company will earn accredited status. Only a fraction of companies in any given field or industry meet the accreditation standards. For residents prepared to hire a home improvement contractor, it’s essential to know how those standards are set.

According to the BBB website, the BBB Code of Business Practices is “built on the BBB Standards for Trust, eight principles that summarize important elements of creating and maintaining trust in business.” Not only does a business or organization meet the set of standards, it agrees to abide by them going forward. While you can learn in more detail about them on the BBB site, let’s take a look at two of the standards as they apply to the roofing industry.

Building trust is the first standard listed. A BBB roofer not only has established a positive track record, the company also has been in business at least 12 months. The BBB roofer also fulfills all licensing requirements at the time of accreditation and maintains them currently. In addition, the BBB roofer is not facing legal action due to unethical business practices. The contractor’s rating and relationship with the BBB are other key factors. A contractor who quickly addresses a complaint, whether rectifying it or demonstrating its lack of validity, honors settlements, and cooperates with the BBB’s efforts is seen as a business worthy of retaining BBB accredited status.

The second standard listed relates to advertising honestly. A BBB roofer follows federal, state/provincial and local advertising laws, provides evidence for all advertising claims, if requested by the BBB, and agrees to correct any advertising and selling practices, if directed to do so by the BBB. A BBB roofer also agrees to participate in the resolution of any disputes connected to the roofer’s advertising in any medium, from print and broadcast to web and signage. In addition, the BBB roofer does not attempt to mislead or confuse customers by suggesting relationships with roofing material manufacturers or other business entities when those relationships, sponsorships or endorsements don’t actually exist.

You can read about the rest of the standards at the link below. Then, once you understand how carefully the businesses are evaluated, you’ll be more informed when it’s time to compare roofing contractors and determine which one to hire. You’ll find Arry’s Roofing there as both an accredited roofer and a BBB sponsor, and we always welcome your inquiries at 727-938-9565.

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