Part 3: Roof Repair Rudimentaries – The Professional Difference

Even if you consider yourself handy about the house, the quality of your repair work may be drastically different from what a roofing contractor can offer. This is a no-brainer: roofing contractors have undergone training, have a lot more experience, and have access to the right tools and the best materials. That gives them a real edge in roof repair.

Here are three more excellent reasons why it’s a good idea to hire a pro for roof repairs:

Reason #1: They can save you money.

Hiring a professional means paying extra for labor, but doing so will save you money in the long run in two ways. First, they make sure repairs are done right the first time, eliminating costs associated with back jobs. And second, they make sure that the results of their repairs last, so you won’t end up paying for repairs again so soon.

To up your chances of landing the best service for your money, get at least three quotes from trusted local contractors before hiring.

Reason #2: They can save you time.

Not everybody has time to go snooping for a leak or to hunt for the right tools and materials needed for a repair. Add to this the fact that you’ll need to do a fair amount of research to make sure you can do the job properly (and even then this is no guarantee that you’ll be able to pull it off).

If you’re swamped or want to get the job done quickly, there is no substitute to working with a professional. Roofing contractors’ experience allows them to execute the task more efficiently, meaning you’ll be on your way to a leak-free roof in no time.

Reason #3: They can save your life.

Did you know that more than 90,000 trips to the emergency room each year involve ladder-related injuries? And that out of all deaths associated with falls, 43% are due to ladders? Going up a ladder has its risks. And because that’s just part and parcel of a roof repair project, it’s a risk you’ll be taking personally if you decide to DIY. Unlike a layman, a professional roofer is fully insured and is trained to mitigate these risks. He or she is far less likely to meet an accident while fixing your roof.

The takeaway for all this is simple: as much as possible, do not DIY. Call a roofer you can trust if you need your roof fixed. At the end of the day, you’ll find that working with a pro is worth every penny.