Dangers That a Leaky Roof Poses to Your Home

Some homeowners justify putting off roof repair in Tampa and surrounding areas if the problem is not obvious. After all, your neighbors aren’t likely to spot a roof stain from the sidewalk, right? The trouble is that water damage involves so much more than aesthetics. Even a small roof leak can turn into a major headache when left unattended. Here’s how a leaking roof can cause serious problems for your home.

  • Structural damage. The attic and ceilings are at the most risk for water damage. Water can also trickle down into the walls and cause stains or buckling. Soaked wood is vulnerable to mold and rotting and weakens the overall framework of your home.
  • Health risks. Excess moisture from leaks can lead to mold, a risk factor for respiratory complications and other health issues for a home’s occupants.

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