5 Tips for a Winter-Ready Florida Home

Preparing a Florida home for winter varies somewhat from preparations made for homes in other parts of the country simply because we get very few days that are below 40 degrees. However, fall is still an ideal time to check major systems and ensure that they are in working order before colder weather does arrive – especially if you are a seasonal resident who has been gone for part of the year.

  1. Make sure gutters and downspouts are clear. If you live near trees, you might be surprised by the amount of organic matter that can build up and cause drainage problems for gutters. Prevent overflowing gutters by cleaning and rinsing gutters and downspouts, or hiring a gutter cleaning service.
  2. Check the roof and attic. Summer storms may have damaged shingles or loosened flashing. A thorough inspection by a qualified Tampa roofer can catch problem areas before they become a leak. Also ask your roofer to evaluate the insulation in your attic space for the recommended R-30 value. 
  3. Schedule a HVAC maintenance check. Ensure your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is running properly by calling a qualified contractor for a tune-up.  The air filter in your furnace should be replaced as well.
  4. Address the irrigation system. Before the first frost, winterize your irrigation system to ensure that it does not freeze. Turn off the main water valve, turn on each valve and allow water to drain out.
  5. Reverse ceiling fans. By reversing the switch on your ceiling fans to a clockwise direction, you push warm air from the ceiling back down into the room for better heat circulation.

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