A Quick Guide to The Residential Flat Roof Repair Process

One of the most important tasks you do as a homeowner is deciding matters regarding maintenance and repairs on your home. Acting quickly on a roofing problem is part of taking proper care of the roof and the rest of your house. Fortunately, you can always get help from Arry’s Roofing, the experts in roof repair in Tampa, FL.

The first step of any roof repair is identifying the problem. The average homeowner can identify a leak, but it’s easy to miss other signs of damage, especially on flat roofs. This is where our experts in roof repair in Tampa step in, inspecting not just the site where the leak was detected, but also the pipes, gutters, chimneys, and other areas of the roof that might experience a problem later on.

After assessing the situation, our professionals will help you decide whether your roof needs a repair or a complete replacement. Once a decision is made, we make a quick estimate of the materials needed and the required budget. We can also assist you on filing an insurance claim.

The necessary materials are acquired, and transported to your home on a delivery truck. Once all the materials are at the site, we start working on your roof. The process may take anywhere from a few hours to several days, depending on the severity of the roof problem. Naturally, roof replacements take longer than repairs.

Once the repairs or replacements are finished, torn off roof components and debris are removed from the work site and either gets disposed or recycled. Payment for the entire project as well as warranties is discussed afterwards.

Is your flat roof leaking? Give Arry’s Roofing a call and ask for a free roof inspection and estimate. We offer general roofing services such as roof installation, repair, and replacement, as well as other roof and gutter-related services.