Home Insulation: Keeping Your Family Comfy Minus the Costs

Keeping your family cool and comfortable during hot summer days in Florida can be a costly task as most are probably going to rely on their air conditioners. And obviously, when you frequently crank up your ACs, your energy consumption is surely to soar.

To avoid having to dish out serious bucks on electricity bills during summers, myfoxorlando.com posted some useful energy saving tips:

Check your home’s insulation. Every surface walls, ceilings and floors that separates the interior of your house from the outdoors is considered part of the building’s envelope. The entire envelope must be adequately insulated to avoid loss of heat in winter and air conditioning in summer. While inspection of insulation in areas such as an attic space is a relatively simple matter, it is more difficult to check other areas, for example, exterior walls. If you suspect a problem, it may be well worth calling on a professional energy auditor. The ductwork associated with your HVAC system should also be insulated.

Home insulation is probably the best way to keep your family comfy at home without consuming too much energy. Not only does it help you save money by reducing your monthly utility bills, it is also beneficial to the environment because with less energy spent cooling your home, less energy is required from the power stations that burn fossil fuels – one of the biggest contributors to Greenhouse gases.

Whether the climate outside is hot or cold, your roof should be able to provide adequate insulation and help in maintaining the interior’s pleasant temperature, not to mention the significant reduction in your utility bills. Of course, a professional contractor for roofing in Clearwater FL should guarantee that your roofs are properly installed. Furthermore, roof insulation is an excellent sound absorber; which means that it will help reduce outside noise from entering your house, keeping your home relatively calm and quiet.

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(Article Excerpt from: Home energy audit: DIY and save money, myfoxorlando.com, July 3, 2014)