Arry Housh Releases eBook on Finding the Best Roofing Pros

Looking for the right contractor to do metal roof in Tampa can be a difficult task, with plenty of “professional roofers” either charging too much or failing to deliver as-good-as-advertised service.

In response to this felt need, Arry Housh, president and co-founder of Arry’s Roofing Services, Inc., has written an eBook that aims to help homeowners avoid bad deals and pick the most qualified people to install their roofs. Arry says:

“I want to take you ‘behind the scenes’ and help you choose the right contractor for your roofing project with insider information, advice and education that 99% of homeowners don’t have. You can’t get much more expert, insider information than from someone with my 38 years of experience and background. If you follow the guidelines in this book, I’m confident you’ll find someone you’ll be pleased with.

The eBook, titled The Informed Consumer’s Guide to a Successful Roofing Project, is divided into four major sections cover various aspects of the hunt for a suitable contractor.

The first section focuses on assessing the costs and actual need for professional roof repair or replacement services. The next section covers roofing materials and industry terminologies. Section 3 tackles roofing misconceptions and telltale signs that you’re talking to an unethical contractor. The fourth and final section wraps up all three preceding parts and teaches the reader how to use these principles in their search for the best roofer for their needs.

Arry’s new eBook is ideal for first-time homeowners and for anyone facing a major project such as metal roofing in Tampa. The principles outlined in the eBook apply to roofing contractors anywhere in the country, making it a worthy read even for homeowners outside of Arry’s Roofing’s service areas.

(Article Excerpt from Arry Housh Debuts New eBook to Help Homeowners Find a Qualified Roofing Contractor, Arry’s Roofing Services, Inc.)