No Roof Left Behind™: Vote for Your Favorite Candidate

No Roof Left Behind™ is about to choose the lucky winner who will receive a roof at no cost. Casting of votes is until October 19, 2014 only.

We at Arry’s Roofing believe we can contribute to the community by providing services and products of the finest quality as a Tampa roofing contractor. It’s for this reason that we involve ourselves with one of the leading community-building programs in the country, No Roof Left Behind™, which aims to help a community member rebuild their home by providing a new roof for free.

The nominations were submitted from 1st June to 1st September , and now we’ve narrowed it down to just four nominees:

▪      A hardworking mother of two teenage boys from Tarpon Springs juggles multiple jobs to keep her home. Their roof has been leaking for a year, which led to mold growing in the bedrooms and rat infestation under the roof. This dilemma did nothing to lower her air conditioning bills. Her insurance company wouldn’t help her. Having a new roof would be a perfect birthday gift to her.

▪      Also from Tarpon Springs, a physically disabled couple, one of whom has a life-threatening medical condition, has been struggling with their medical and utility bills. Their budget is cut by $800 every month—it doesn’t help that their roof is leaking.

▪      A 60-year-old war veteran from Clearwater who lives alone has been struggling to survive his whole life. The house that he lives in has a 50-year-old roof that needs replacement. Serving the country wasn’t easy, and a new roof may be the best way to thank him for his patriotic service.

▪      A dedicated 76-year-old cancer survivor has been taking care of others for a long time now. A mother to more than 12 children, she has devoted her whole life to making others feel loved. She risks losing her home due to a lack of insurance, which she can’t obtain because of the damaged roof.

You have the power to choose which of these four nominees will receive a free roof from us. As part of the team of roofing contractors in Tampa, we ask you to vote and choose the fromm all of the deserving nominees.


https://noroofleftbehind.com/program/fl/1096/nomination/2631#votingArea, https://noroofleftbehind.com/program/fl/1096/nomination/2861#votingArea, https://noroofleftbehind.com/program/fl/1096/nomination/2797#votingArea, https://noroofleftbehind.com/program/fl/1096/nomination/2648#votingArea