Leaky Roofs? Call Arry’s Roofing for Emergency Repairs

You shouldn’t take severe weather conditions lightly, especially in places like Tampa where the effects can be devastating to the environment, residents, and their homes.

You should always be ready for any emergencies to reduce or minimize the damages that extreme weather conditions may cause. You wouldn’t want to be caught unprepared for flash floods or thunderstorms that may put your day to a halt, would you?

On September 23, for instance, The Tampa Tribune reported about flood concerns as the state prepares for more rain in the approaching days. According to the report:

Rodney Wynn, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said the agency is watching the Peace River at Bartow, the Manatee River at the Myakka watershed and the Little Manatee River at Wimauma.

“They’re in what we call the action stage,’’ Wynn said. “That means they could flood. They’re a foot and a half below flood stage right now.”

The news also presented the amount of rainfall that Tampa Bay has received just for this month and compared it with Tampa Bay’s average annual rainfall:

So far this month, 5.6 inches of rain has fallen on Tampa, closing in on the average of 6.3 inches. So far this year, the region has recorded 45.55 inches of rain.

The average yearly rainfall for Tampa is 52.25 inches, according to the weather service.

Although flooding is one of the serious effects of severe rainfall that you should be worried about, it isn’t the only problem you may encounter. Having leaks in your Tampa roofing is an issue that you should be concerned about. When you don’t fix them immediately, they can lead to other problems that may compromise your roof’s integrity.

When it comes to your roof, knowing a reliable Tampa roofer to help you out, like us at Arry’s Roofing, can come in handy.

As residents of Tampa Bay ourselves, we know how bad the weather can get. We also understand the importance of responding to your roofing concerns immediately. With Arry’s Roofing, you can be confident that our team is always ready to respond to your emergency repairs. In addition, we can assure you that our crew has the necessary skills to help you with your problems, as we specialize in storm damage. We can also assist you in documenting damages on your property for insurance purposes.

If you notice signs of leaks on your roof, don’t think twice. Call us at Arry’s Roofing. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.

(Article Excerpt from Flood concerns rise with more rain in forecast, The Tampa Tribune, September 23, 2014)