Part 3 – A Closer Look at Metal Roofing

Custom Metal Fabrication

In the final installment of A Closer Look at Metal Roofing, we’ll go over the advantages of having your metal roof installed by roofers who operate their own custom metal shop.

The biggest competitive advantage of contractors who fabricate their own materials is that they have a fuller understanding of the importance of industry standards for manufacturing as well as installation. Think of a custom metal shop as a product and a showcase of a contractor’s ability to put a wealth of industry knowledge into day-to-day practice.

Aside from theoretical knowledge, working with this breed of contractors ensures:

  • Quality control. A custom metal shop gives a skilled roofer more control over the finished product. Every roofing project poses unique challenges, but in the hands of a highly specialized metal roofing crew and an in-house team of metal artisans and technicians, you can be sure that all your roofing requirements will be met. Consistency in materials and workmanship can also be achieved more readily when everything is done in-house.
  • Maximum design freedom. While there is nothing inherently wrong with installing a prefabricated metal roof, getting quality results will be difficult if you’re after a more complex roof design. A custom metal shop will enable a contractor to fabricate roofing components to suit the needs of specific projects no matter how complex their requirements are.
  • Time and cost savings. For more complex roofing projects, fabrication done in-house is always more efficient than prefab because it minimizes lead times. Less time to complete your project means less money out of pocket.