Stone Coated Steel Roof: Offering Style & Performance

When in the market for a roof replacement, you’ll find common options, such as wood, clay, slate, and asphalt shingles. If you’re looking for something new, you may want to ask our Tampa roofing contractors about stone coated steel roofs. Many residential and commercial property owners are raving about this strong, yet lightweight roofing innovation.

Apart from complementing a range of architectural styles, stone coated steel roofing offers the following benefits:

1. Strength

As the elements can be hard on your roof, you need to use a material that can be just as tough. The sun’s UV rays may easily damage some materials, while others may contract or expand during extreme temperature changes.

Stone coated steel roofing can sit comfortably under the sun and effectively protect your home from its radiant heat. Furthermore, it can withstand extreme weather conditions.

2. Durability

Foot traffic and maintenance work may damage your roof. How ironic, isn’t it? You may have received warnings in the past, such as not to allow people to walk on your roof. This can be challenging, particularly if repairs need to be done.

With stone coated steel roofing, you won’t have to worry about anything. The unique interlocking panel design and rugged galvanized steel construction results in a durable roofing system that allows you to walk on your roof under normal conditions without damaging it.

3. Warranty

Many roofing upgrades offer warranties for material and labor. Purchases of stone coated steel roofing may include a 2.5-inch hailstone warranty, 120 mph wind warranty, and a transferable non-prorated warranty for the lifetime of its owner. All these warranties assure you that you’re financially covered when unforeseen events occur.

Don’t miss out on these amazing benefits. Schedule an appointment with our roofing contractors in Tampa to learn more about stone coated steel roofs.

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