The 5 Most Common Areas Where Roof Leaks Happen

Roofs last for a long time, but regardless of their type, they may eventually start to deteriorate. When this happens, issues like leaks may aris. To avoid costly damage caused by leaks, it would help to know the areas on your roof where leaks may occur.

Here are the most common culprits: 


With four types of flashing fixed on it, a chimney is one of the most common areas where leaks may occur. Even a tiny crack on the flashing may cause a large amount of water to get through.


Flashing are thin metal sheets attached on joints or shingles to form a waterproof barrier. Many contractors use tar to secure the flashing. Over time, this material may corrode, causing water to get through the flashing.

If you suspect that the leaks are coming from the flashing, it’s best to schedule an appointment with your contractor for inspection and roof repair in Tampa. Simply securing the old flashing puts you at risk of missing moisture damage underneath the roof’s exterior layer.


Gutters guide water away from your roof and exterior wall. If they’re blocked, however, water may simply pool, resulting in a spillover or causing it to get through any cracks. Water may also seep through the soffit or fascia.  

Field of Roof

Asphalt shingles, slate, wood, or metal tiles comprise the field of the roof. Some materials can easily be damaged by simply walking on them, such is the case when you’re doing roof maintenance. During a roof inspection, check the field of the roof for loose materials, like shingles or shakes. You should also look for tears and cracks.


The valley is the section where two roof planes meet. If they’re not sealed properly, water may get through them. To check for problems, trained roofers like us at Arry’s Roofing Services look for moist spots on the seams of the roof. To solve this problem, we may install a new leak barrier.

Leaks occur on all types of roofing, especially on old ones. To avoid huge problems, fix the issue as soon as you can.

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