Avoid Lightning-Caused Fires with Metal Roofing in Tarpon Springs, FL

lightning strike likely cause of florida house fire imageHomeowners are always cautioned about faulty furnaces and electrical wiring, two of the most common causes of residential fires. However, some fires are caused by factors completely out of anyone’s control, as this report from NBCMiami.com illustrates:

Fire Rescue officials say a lightning strike is the likely cause of a house fire in Brandon.

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue units responded [to] the fire Saturday afternoon and found smoke coming from the roof of the home. A second alarm was called due to the size of the house. Fire rescue crews quickly entered to extinguish the fire and prevent further damage to the home.

Two men and a dog were inside the home at the time, but they were not injured.

The men told authorities they heard a loud noise and something hitting their house during a storm and minutes later they smelled smoke. They called 911 before leaving the home.

Fire rescue says an investigation shows the fire was accidental and possibly caused by a lightning strike.

This piece bears particular importance because Florida is known as the lightning capital of the country, owing to its geographical location and high heat and humidity levels. Since lightning tends to strike tall objects, roofing in Tarpon Spring, FL, or anywhere else in the state, is usually its first victim and the place where fires start.

Fortunately, residents can get metal roofing to prevent lightning-caused house fires. Contrary to popular belief, a metal roof is no more prone to lightning strikes than other roofing materials. If it does get hit, the metal simply disperses the energy and will not be ignited as it is inherently non-flammable.

If you want to know more about the benefits of having metal roofs, don’t hesitate to contact Arry’s Roofing, one of Tarpon Springs’ roofing experts.


(Article Information and Image from Lightning Strike Likely Cause of Florida House Fire, NBCMiami.com, August 4, 2013)