Keeping Your Home Cozy through Florida’s Cool Spring

It seems as if springtime has been stalled throughout the southeast regions of the US. In Florida, where residents were anticipating warmer-than-average temperatures this spring, weather forecasts have been gloomy. Local residents are being urged to take precautionary measures as the Sunshine State gears up for cold weather—cold for Florida, that is. According to a TBO weather forecast, this is what the Tampa Bay area is in for over the next few days:

cold weather returns to tampa area image

Areas to the north are already seeing the end to the rain as a front pushes to the south, with some possible lingering showers in the immediate Tampa area by mid-morning, News Channel 8 meteorologist Leigh Spann said.

Once the front passes, winds will become gusty by noon, with more sun later today. Highs, however, will only reach the low-70s with strong northwesterly winds, and lows tonight will dip into the mid-40s.

Since the season is starting off cool, flu- and cold-prone households need to take steps to make sure their homes are comfortably warm. High-performance roof insulation and good ventilation will play important roles in ensuring warmth and comfort throughout a home’s living spaces, regardless of the state of the weather outside. Whether you have asphalt shingles, clay tiles, wood shakes, or metal roofing in Tampa, good insulation and ventilation will improve your home’s overall energy efficiency and help protect your property from damage during extreme weather conditions.

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(Article Excerpt and Image From Rain ending, but cold weather returns to Tampa area, tbo.com, March 25, 2014)