Battling the Floods: Fortifying Your Property Against Storms

Florida residents have their fair share of flooding experiences. Recently, however, reports about the severe flooding in the area, particularly in Pensacola, describe unwelcome circumstances. Weather conditions lately exhibit extraordinary strength and ferocity. If you have not started preparing your property, you may want to consider doing so now.

Record-breaking Flooding

Weather experts are astounded with the incredible amount of rainfall in many areas in Florida. In an online article, one meteorologist reports:

As severe weather marches northeast on Wednesday, Florida residents are drying out after ludicrous levels of overnight rainfall.

The National Weather Service called the event “historic.” The official rain gauge at Pensacola’s airport measured an astonishing 5.68 inches in a single hour before it failed around 10 p.m. Tuesday. An analysis by the NWS office in Mobile, Alabama, estimated that single hour to be a 1-in-200- to 1-in-500-year event. The official rain gauge and weather radar both gave out, presumably from lightning strikes, so we might never know exactly how much rain fell Tuesday night.* Still, several unofficial rain gauges measured impressive totals.

Many residents in the area, from Penascola to Tarpon Springs, have been largely affected by the severe flooding. With such intensity, damage to property is inevitable, especially if you don’t make preparations.

Start with the Roof

If you live in Florida, what you can do is it to aim for as minimal damage as possible. Arry’s Roofing in Tarpon Springs FL recommends starting with your shingles and its surrounding structures. Fortifying your roofing system before anything else helps you secure your property and make necessary adjustments whenever needed. For instance, once you have a gutter and drain pipes properly installed, you can then move on fixing your drainage system.

Fortunately, you can easily approach a Tarpon Springs roofing expert like Arry’s Roofing. We can help you better prepare for inclement weather conditions and give your property a better chance against the weather.

(Article Excerpt from The Calamitous Climate Responsible for Florida’s Record Rainfall, slate.com, April 30, 2014)