Battling Waterspouts in Florida with Saint Petersburg Roofing Companies

Maximo Marina, a dock in the city of St. Petersburg, sustained an extensive amount of damage after a quick-moving storm wreaked havoc in the area. The intensity of the storm caused part of Maximo Marina’s roof to collapse, damaging four boats and a couple of decks. A report posted on the ABC Action News website states reactions from people who witnessed the incident unfold:

“It was pretty calm before the storm and all of a sudden you hear a big deep whooshing sound. I looked out the window and seen [sic] all the metal roofing go flying everywhere,” Corey Berriault said.

Walter Margerison, manager of the Maximo Marina said, “Rain was coming sideways, just batting against the window. You couldn’t see beyond the window. It was just incredible. Then all of a sudden you could see the timbers and parts of the roof flying around and as quick as it started it was over.”

While a portion of the dock’s roof survived the blow dealt by the waterspout, it wasn’t enough to protect the vessels stored inside. To avoid inconveniencing their patrons, managers of damaged marinas should immediately contact reputable Saint Petersburg roofing contractors from Arry’s Roofing Services for roof repairs and replacements. Reputable roofing contractors are qualified to handle roof repairs in Pinellas County, as they’re familiar with the state’s weather patterns.

Arry’s Roofing Services can outfit commercial and residential buildings with the right roofing system. Such roofing can withstand the frequent hurricanes and thunderstorms that ravage Pinellas County. If the owners of Maximo Marina and other damaged marinas opt to stick to metal roofing, St Petersburg roofing specialists can provide them with metal roofing that is technologically innovative, durable, beautiful, and long-lasting.

According to meteorologist Denis Phillips, not all waterspouts can be detected by weather radars. “A good rule of thumb for Floridians, if we are in the summer months and the winds are from the west, there is always a chance of waterspouts in the morning and early afternoon,” he said. If structures like Maximo Marina can be so severely damaged by storms, one can only imagine the amount of damage storms can do to residential homes.

Reputable contractors can install specially engineered metal roofs that can withstand strong hurricane winds of up to 150 miles per hour. These metal roofing systems are also fire resistant, which can qualify homeowners for lower premiums on their homeowners’ insurance.

(Info from Quick moving storm damages Maximo Marina in St. Petersburg; ABC Action News; August 30, 2013)