Roofing Contractors in St. Petersburg, FL: How to Spot Roof Leaks

Florida’s Sunshine City isn’t always sunny; in fact it experiences an average precipitation rate of about 50.8 inches annually. For this reason, it’s only natural for even the most durable roofs to experience leaks now and then. As commonplace as leaks may be, these structural issues are reason enough to call reliable roofing contractors in St. Petersburg, FL from companies like Arry’s Roofing Services.

As moisture can damage the integrity of your home’s interiors, you should look for the most obvious signs that your roof is leaking water into your attic. According to an article that appeared on DoItYourself.com:

The first sign of a roof leak is often the presence of wet ceiling tiles. In this case the source of the leak can often be found by tracing the leak backwards to its source on the roof, keeping in mind that the source of the leak may be some distance away from where it is dripping into the home.

After the leak has been located, the first step is to remove any perishable materials from under the leak. It may be necessary to relocate electronic equipment, such as TVs and computers, and to move furniture and other materials.

Before you judge the leak to be stemming from your roof, try to rule out the possibility of an interior leak first. If you have AC equipment in your attic for instance, it won’t be surprising to find some condensation forming and dripping onto the floor below. Other interior sources include leaking vents or insufficient insulation.

After ruling out the possibility of an interior leak, you will need to move every perishable item or fixture in the affected area before it rains again. Any electronic equipment should be relocated, and their wires and plugs must be thoroughly dried before they’re plugged onto other outlets. Should the leak be caused by dislodged or cracked shingles, you might still be able to remedy the issue with some roofing cement and some DIY ingenuity.

However, if the DIY job appears to be more complex than you can handle, St Petersburg roofers from companies like Arry’s Roofing Services can assist you by assessing the damaged areas and initiating repairs. Remember not to take roof leaks for granted, as they could very well lead to the complete destruction of your roofing system and the reduction of your home’s resale value.

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