How Repairing Roofing in Clearwater, FL Can Prepare Locals for Winter

A December 2, 2013 article on the Courant website enumerates several ways homeowners can prepare for the chilly temperatures of winter. Many homeowners focus on making their houses warmer in preparation for the cold, and the article’s tips involve enhancing the warmth within homes. One of the tips goes:

  1. What’s in the attic? Sixty-five percent of your home’s heat is lost through the roof. A good insulation on the floor of your attic can reduce heat loss by at least 30 percent, if not more.

Strips of insulation are available at any hardware store; they are easy to cut and handle. Just remember that the thicker they are, the more effective insulation they give. Although modern insulation is asbestos-free and manufactured to very safe specifications, it is always wise to wear gloves, goggles, and a face mask when installing insulation.

Also remember that wet insulation is useless and so is compacted or crushed insulation. If your roof has had a leak and gotten your insulation wet, you’ll want to replace it before more snow falls.

While Florida doesn’t experience freezing weather much (thanks to its humid subtropical climate), there have been occasions when a rare cold snap caused sudden snowfalls in the area. Locals shouldn’t lull themselves into thinking they’re completely safe from cold conditions when they can happen again, especially given the violent and unpredictable weather patterns around the world as of late. The timely repair of roofing in Clearwater, FL can spare locals from freak weather.



As Florida homes typically have no use for heaters, it would be best for local homeowners to focus on improving the strength of their roofing. A durable enough roof will prevent leaks from harming precious insulation, and can also serve as an additional layer of such to prevent heat from escaping a house. Naturally, a roof riddled with holes and cracks will perform poorly in a freak cold snap, and can lead to serious water damage.

Homeowners should prepare their roofs for any and all climate conditions. For dilapidated roofing, householders can hire Clearwater roofing contractors like those from Arry’s Roofing Services Inc. These experts will ensure that neither rain, shine, nor snow can harm a home by mending any damages spotted on a roof. Although Florida might not have a snowy winter season like the rest of the country, locals should still be prepared for bizarre weather.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Five easy steps to winterizing your home, Cpurant.com, December 2, 2013)