Reliable Dunedin, FL Roofers Advise to Hold Off on Asphalt Coating

Long-term savings and low maintenance requirements make asphalt shingles one of the most popular roofing materials in the U.S. These shingles are vulnerable, however, to the kind of climate found in the counties of Tampa, FL, including Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas, where the city of Dunedin is located. Cracks on the shingles caused by extreme weather conditions can cause the roof to rot.



In response to these problems, products like asphalt shingle coating have emerged. These products are created to make roofing in Dunedin, FL return to normal function before the latter was damaged. An article published in My Fox Tampa Bay, however, presents another side of sealants or coating that homeowners may not be aware of:

However, there are some problems with sealants. The first is the actual preparation of the roof. Pressure washing may be recommended to get the roof as clean as possible before the sealant application, but professional roofers actually advise against pressure washing roofs because this can damage the shingles.

At best, sealants can be a stopgap measure to keep a roof going for a few more years. And sometimes they can even damage a roof.One big concern is that a coat of sealant could disrupt the natural permeability of the roof, which means it won’t ever get a chance to fully dry out, and that could lead to condensation inside the roof as well as the attic. That’s bad news for joists and other structural components of the roof!

If coating affects the natural permeability of the roof, it can cause molds to develop faster. Add to that the fact that Dunedin—or Tampa Bay, in general—is a humid region, having a humid attic in a humid region spells trouble for the entire roof.

Therefore, when considering a stop-gap measure for damaged asphalt shingles, it is better not to DIY and to rely on reputable Dunedin, FL roofers to do the job. Having had the training and experience to deal with various roofing materials, professional roofers can assess the extent of damage on asphalt roofing and propose the most feasible solution. Roofing repair that is done efficiently will also not diminish the value of a home for future reselling.

Reliable roofing should always be prioritized over quick fixes. Households with asphalt shingle-related problems can contact dependable professionals like Arry’s Roofing to get quality roof repair and services.

(Article Excerpt and Image from “Get the scoop on asphalt shingle coating,” My Fox Tampa Bay, August 23, 2013)