Metal Roofing in Tampa: Designed to Resist Tropical Storms & Climate Change

The excerpt below appeared on the CBS New York website on June, 2013:

Tired of the wild weather? Well, get used to it. Scientists and experts gathered at the eighth annual energy conference at the New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury on Thursday to discuss extreme weather patterns, which they say are growing in intensity and frequency.

“We’re seeing an increase in the extreme events and increase in damage associated with them as we’ve become more vulnerable,” said Louis Uccellini, Director of the National Weather Service. The conference was held as the Tri-State area dealt with another round of severe storms. More than 7 inches of rain has fallen in Central Park this month, nearly three inches above the average for the entire month of June.

Without a doubt, climate change is wreaking havoc on global weather patterns, and storms have been gaining intensity with each passing year. As Florida’s recent heavy rainfall hardly comes from tropical storms, it’s becoming increasingly clear that residents in these vulnerable areas will need to safeguard themselves and their properties. Residential roofs will have to be both durable and weather resistant.

During the annual energy conference at the New York Institute of Technology, NWS director Louis Uccellini warned against rebuilding homes without structural safeguards. All along the East Coast, residents are being advised to upgrade their protection as storms get rougher, rainfall heavier, and sea levels rise (meteorologists say that sea levels are expected to rise to two feet by 2050). These nasty forecasts have left some residents wondering if metal roofing for Tampa homes are capable of holding their own in an increasingly hostile environment.

Metal roofs offer comprehensive protection from tropical cyclones and rains. Their balance of durability and cost efficiency offer ideal levels of protection for homes near the ocean. However, battening down the hatches involves more than just the right choice of roofing material, as the framework and installation process are just as important. Braces must be installed in critical joints to prevent gale-force winds from tearing the roof off the house, for example.

Roofing contractors from companies such as Arry’s Roofing can install technologically innovative metal roofing in Tampa, FL homes. These metal roofs are aesthetically pleasing, virtually maintenance-free, and can last up to 50 years. Installing one of these roofing systems on your home is your safest bet in an increasingly stormy world.

(Info from Experts Warn Extreme Weather Is Growing More Intense, More Frequent; CBS New York; June 13, 2013)