To Call or Not to Call a Tampa Roof Repair Contractor Before Selling a House

Listed below is a humorous excerpt from a Redfin blog post:

Just once, I’d like a homeowner to call me and say: “A meteorite punched a gigantic hole in my roof. Do I need to repair my roof before selling?”

Not only would that be a pretty amazing story, but I’d have a much easier time answering with: “Yes, of course you should repair that giant, gaping hole in your roof! Then again, if you market the home as a tear-down, there’s a case for not doing any work (but the property will understandably sell for less).”

Unfortunately, the average homeowner who is thinking about selling is probably trying to rationalize a roof situation that isn’t quite as clear-cut: Will replacing those shingles really factor into my home sale? Do I really need to repair my 20-year-old roof or can I sell as-is?

It’s a good year for property owners who plan to sell their homes: real estate prices are up and consumer confidence is high. Despite what some believe are signs of another housing bubble in the works, the real estate market is as healthy as it was prior to the bubble (arguably healthier). But what if the night before you plan to close the sale, a chunk of rock punches through your roof and lands in your living room? Do you leave the roof as it is or call a Tampa roof repair service like Arry’s Roofing over?

Chad Dierickx, a listing agent in Seattle, says both options are acceptable, but you’ll need to balance cost of repairs with the property’s selling price. You can have a Tampa roof repair company patch up that hole in the roof for a fee, which you can use to justify a higher selling price for the property. According to Remodeling Magazine, the return on investment for roof replacements averages about 53.4 percent for a full replacement and 61.7 percent for minor repairs.

An equally important question is: “How will the buyer benefit from either a viable or broken roof?” Roof repairs can cost thousands of dollars, and the buyer will more likely be more concerned with setting aside money for other household expenses and clearing the down payment. If your old home is not destined to be torn down, then perhaps the courteous thing to do would be to have the roof repaired.

(Info from Should You Repair Your Roof or Sell As-Is?; Redfin Blog)