Structurally Sound Roofing in Largo, FL & Stylish Sliding Barn Doors

The barn door, once confined to rustic areas, has been placed in the spotlight by designers who say they’re perfect for residences with wide doorways. In their current incarnation as sliding barn doors, these structural components are being used to highlight the indoor-outdoor lifestyle of hacienda style homes. Sliding barn doors can be used to partition open living spaces or added as gateways to lush gardens, separating greenery from concrete garages.

In an article that appeared on The Wall Street Journal on September 2013, writer Sandra Ward noted that: “Barn-door hardware comes in a variety of styles, from sleek and contemporary to rugged and rustic. Before buying, however, builders and designers have to make sure it can carry the weight of the doors, which are often custom-built with high-end materials.” Ward went on to note several barn door treatments that could blur the indoor-outdoor boundaries of residences, create sliding partitions that separate different rooms, and conceal pantries in the kitchen and dinning area.

Sliding portals and partitions aside, designers and contractors also need to consider the overall structural integrity of the home. To ensure structural soundness, components such as the walls, roofing, and beams need to be constructed with high quality materials and reinforced with the proper support. Contractors that specialize in residential roofing in Largo, FL, like Arry’s Roofing, can install durable and structurally sound roofs made from materials like asphalt shingle, metal, and tile.

You can ask your designer to incorporate sliding barn doors into the design of your abode if you like its rustic charm and utilitarian benefits. Just make sure you also consult your engineer about these additions to ensure that they will not affect the structural soundness of your home. A durable roof should be installed to complete the whole puzzle that is your abode.

If you’re looking for a durable roofing system that can withstand Pinellas County’s frequent hurricanes and thunderstorms, then you should ask roofers in Largo, FL to install metal roofing. Metal roofing systems from such contractors have passed wind and uplift tests, and stay stable in wind speeds of up to 150 miles per hour. While adding functional and aesthetically pleasing additions to your home adds value to it, you should also ensure that your home maintains its structural integrity despite the ravages of inclement weather.

(Info from Modern Design Embraces the Barn Door; The Wall Street Journal; September 26, 2013)