3 Main Types of Single-Ply Roofing for Clearwater, FL Property Owners

single ply roof membranes image

According to an industry association dedicated to commercial roofing, installing single-ply roofing in Clearwater, FL can benefit local building owners and facilities professionals. Here are several of the material’s advantageous qualities:

  • Excellent against acid rain conditions
  • Excellent performance under dramatic weather changes
  • Will not suffer major problems under the presence of chemical materials
  • Wide variety of grades available to choose from(grades are the type of protection desire from the product)
  • Lightweight product
  • Excellent reflective properties
  • Easy to install
  • Economic feasible

Property owners have three types of single-ply roofs to choose from: EPDM, PVC, and TPO.


EPDM, or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, is a synthetic rubber polymer, and thus also carries the name “rubber roofing.” Some of the characteristics of EPDM are flexibility in low temperatures, high resistance to ozone and weathering, and thermal shock durability. The material also has high resistance to wind damage.


PVC is Polyvinyl Chloride, the most common material according to the Single Ply Roofing Industry. Thermoplastic, it consists of resin, fillers, pigments, stabilizers, and other processing aids. Given that PVC roofing is moisture-resistant and protected against ultraviolet light, it requires no maintenance for decades and is environment-friendly.


TPO is Thermoplastic Polyolefin, which, as a thermoplastic membrane, is similar to PVC. It is resistant to impact, punctures, and tears, but is still flexible enough to accommodate building movement. Additionally, it has excellent reflectivity.

Many professionals, like Arry’s Roofing, promote all three single-ply materials for their collective ability to improve a building’s energy efficiency and resist weather elements while lasting for many years. Property owners can ask their local Clearwater roofing expert to help them decide which material is suitable for their needs, as well as ask about available colors.

(Article Information and Image from Single Ply Roof Membranes, About.com)