February Reviews Roll In for Tampa Roofers

In January we used the blog page to remind our Tampa roofing customers of the benefits of sharing a review of Arry’s Roofing here. It may be responsible in part for prompting a few people to follow up with their reviews in the weeks that followed. You can read the full content on our Reviews page, but we want to share a few highlights with you here, too.

Among the fresh batch of reviews is one from Annalea and Sean Gray who chose a roof from Timberline’s American Harvest Collection. The Grays say they love their new roof and it’s worth the wait. Here’s a bit more of their full review.

“The crew arrived early in the morning and the foreman introduced himself and explained things. The crew worked professionally and diligently. They also did a great job cleaning up.” 

The cleanup process also got the attention of Len Altamura on our Reviews page.

“Most impressive was the cleanup that took place every day before they left the job. Would highly and without reservation recommend Arry’s.”

Henry Gaddy begins his review by writing, “I can’t say enough positive about Arry’s Roofing Services, Inc.” He goes on to mention what he had to endure when trying to find a reliable roofing contractor locally.

“After moving to Saint Petersburg from Orlando, it was a shock to see how many unprofessional contractors there were in this area. From missing appointments, to lie after lie, procrastination, and “we can’t do that”, it was a wonderful relief to have stumble upon Arry’s Roofing.”

Helen Ann Wortz discovered one of her major concerns with a roofing project—loud sounds—was not a problem at all.

“I was dreading the thought of the noise and disruption however the roofers were were so professional they made sure they protected any areas around the property and they did a great job cleaning up when finished.”

Finally, as part of his praise of Arry’s Roofing, James Heath mentions the speed of getting the answers he needed from us.

“When ever I had any questions I had my answers within 2-3 hrs not days.”

As you begin the research phase of a roof replacement project, we hope our Reviews page gives you some helpful insight into the quality of work we do and the kind of company we strive to be for each and every customer. Give us a call at (727) 938-9565 to schedule your free inspection and estimate.  

February 2014