Roofing 101: Roofing Tips For Common Coofing Problems

General wear and tear coupled with the changing of the seasons has a considerable effect on roofing in Tarpon Springs, FL. Everything – particularly shingles, valleys, head wall flashing, wall step flashing, chimneys, and plumbing vent flashing – must be in tip-top shape. According to The Record:

The roof on your home is exposed to varying weather conditions that include sun, rain, wind and snow, all of which take their toll on your roofing shingles. Over the years, the weather wears away the surface granules, shingles start to blister, buckle or curl, exposing the interior of your home to damage from water leaking through your roof.

If you are dealing with these types of concerns, you will need to consult Arry’s Roofing Services, the Tarpon Springs roofing expert, to understand how to handle the tough Florida climate. Here are a few handy roofing tips:

  • Ocular check – You can conduct a quick visual check of your roof to survey for possible problems. Cracks and leaks are definitely a cause for concern. Fortunately, they are fairly easy to spot.
  • Insulate properly – Poor insulation can lead to mold and mildew growth that not only compromise your roof, but also pose a threat to your health.
  • Know your roofing materials – Knowing is half the battle. This can mean a lot when choosing the right type of roof suited for the climate.
  • Change in Color – Roofing discoloration is a sign of algae growth. Algae can adversely affect the shingles’ lifespan.
  • Contact trusted roofing contractors – Make sure that they are aware of your local municipality’s permit processes and that they have proper contracting licenses.

The best time to go over your maintenance checkups and preventive measures is during spring and summer because you have the luxury to prepare for harsher weather conditions and unexpected changes. With everyday occurrences, there are a host of other sources of roof problems. Tree branches can rub up against your house’s roofing the wrong way. A few preventive measures coupled with professional consultation and work from Arry’s Roofing Services Inc. can help increase your roof’s lifespan.

(Article excerpt from Common Roofing Problems, therecord.com)