Why Metal Roofing Will Suit Your Home Better

When it comes to roofing, wood and asphalt are the most common materials that homeowners go for. Many dismiss the idea of using metal roofing, as they believe it might give their homes an industrial look or it results in a home that is hotter or colder depending on the season.

Some companies that provide products and services for metal roofing in Tampa dismiss such claims and say that using it actually has a lot of proven benefits. Here’s a quick look at some of them.


Metal roofs, when handled with great care, can last a long time. Some don’t want metal roofing due to the belief that it’ll rust after just a few years. This is not the case with the newer models. With durable materials, metal can easily resist harsh elements.

Residential metal roofing is generally made of steel, aluminum or copper. Rolls of 24- or 26-gauge steel sheets are given a metallic coating to prevent rust, followed by a baked-on paint finish. Aluminum sheets don’t require the metallic coating but do get painted. Copper, a natural metal product, is neither coated nor painted because it weathers without corroding. It is sometimes used for special features, such as the roof of a prominent bay window.


Contrary to the belief of many, metal roofs won’t make your room hotter or colder depending on the weather, so long as there are enough insulation pads layered correctly underneath the roof. There are variants of metal roofs that use a special coating to reflect heat efficiently. The amount of heat the roof absorbs also depends on the material’s color.

Unique Appeal

Not all metal roofs look tough, hard, and cold. Some manufacturers make metal look like wood, asphalt, or any material that will complement the existing design of the home. If you want that raw look, you can go for plain metal with durable gloss that prevents it from corroding. All you need is to be precise with your specifications and work with a company that provides services for a metal roof in Tampa, such as Arry’s Roofing Services.

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