Roofing Problems: Repair or Replace?

The summer heat and perpetual rain or snow can gradually take its toll on roofs. This will only result in compromised longevity, which means years are taken outof roofing’ssupposed lifespan under the Tampa skies.

Making informed decisions can minimize home maintenance costs in the longterm. This particularly holds true when it comes to complex processes like replacing or repairing your Tampa roofing.

Here are two choices homeowners can make when faced with roofing damage:

Never surrender: Salvaging the roof

Simple roof leaks doesn’t mean having to take down the entire roof. When damages aren’t so extensive, repairs make much more sense. According to an HGTV article,

As long as there is room for ventilation between the old and new roofs, the reroof should be OK. I sometimes see homes with more than one roof, but it’s usually where a flat roof has been changed to a pitched roof for aesthetic purposes. There should be at least 2 inches of clearance between the roofs. If a ridge vent has been installed, you must utilize soffit (overhang) vents for proper operation and venting. A continuous soffit vent is preferable. Do not use gable vents, turbines, fans or can-style vents in conjunction with a ridge vent.

Starting over: Replacing the roof

A new roof isn’t something that homeowners intend to buy; they only do so because of dire need. It is definitely not something homeowners look forward to. Homeowners need to consult Arry’s Roofing Services, the dependable Tampa roofers, for replacement. This will save more money in the long run.

When problems get too severe for quick fixes, tearing it up and starting over again may be a good idea. There is no point in covering something up with makeshift patchwork. No matter how much repairs are done, if the roofing’s foundation is already compromised, the best recourse will always be to take down and rebuild. New roofs may seem to be costly, but remember that they should last longer and provide shelter for more years.

While both replacement and repair are valuable options, it is still better to observe proper maintenance for extended longevity. Always be aware of roof leaks and other such potential problems. By keeping roofs clean and mold free, homeowners won’t need to be afraid of the temperamental Tampa climate.

(Article excerpt from Staying on Top of Roofing Problems, hgtv.com/home-improvement)