Protecting Your Roof Against the Erratic Florida Weather

May is over, but the spring showers continue to drizzle across Florida. The Tampa Bay Times reports on the weather situation of the area:

Temperatures will drop and the rain chance will increase as a cold front moves through Tampa Bay today.

Afternoon thunderstorms rolled in yesterday ahead of the front, but temperatures remained in the 90s and barely cooled into the 70s Wednesday night. That won’t be the case today, according to Bay News 9 forecasters.

The front, part of a larger system expected to affect much of the East Coast today, will make for a breezy day with a 70 percent chance of rain. The air will be humid and temperatures will reach the mid 80s.

While spring used to mean sunny days perfect for strolling and vacations, this year’s springtime is definitely different. The weather continues to change – one day, it’s sunny; the next day, it’s storming. This presents a concern for homeowners, as this could take its toll on their homes. When these issues go unnoticed, you might have to face a lot of roof repair in Tampa.

Maintenance is always the first suggestion, as it’s necessary to spot potentially costly flaws early on. Underlayment protection immediately follows next, as this can easily seal your roof against rainwater.

This isn’t just useful for spring showers, as this is handy during any season. Starter strips and leak barriers are also ideal ways to weatherproof your home. This upgrades the performance of your ventilation and insulation in the attic, too.

Arry’s Roofing Services, the experts for roof repair in Tampa FL, further advises weatherproofing your property to stay protected. Roof quality is all about the material and workmanship devoted during construction. As long as you know how to perform maintainance, you can extend your roof’s service life and circumvent expensive repairs.

(Article excerpt from Weather: Get ready for rain, breezy conditions all day, tampabay.com, May 15, 2014)