Why You Should Ask Tampa Roofers to Install Metal Roofing Systems

metal roofs do cost more but there are several advantages image

The roof is a house’s crowning glory. However, it also bears the brunt of damage that the elements can cause. Naturally, every homeowner in Tampa wants to prevent this—but doing so can be complicated, since weather in the area can get unpredictable.

Given this, while shingles remain a popular roof choice, there should be a case made for its sleeker counterpart: the metal roof.

Lawrence Hollyfield argues as much in the Tampa Bay Times. An obvious reason for the material switch is the metal roof’s impressive longevity. “A metal roof can last 50 years – three to four times longer than an asphalt shingle roof,” he says. 

The metal roof is also energy-efficient. “Metal roofs also typically have light-colored coatings that deflect heat energy (an Energy Star requirement), and insulation boards fit easily between metal panels and the roof deck,” writes Hollyfield.

The appeal of metal roofs extends to matters beyond the functional, as well. For example, if the appearance of metal roofs is a turn-off for you, it should be good news that metal roofs can be customized to look like shingle roofs.

Nonetheless, your primary concern, residing in hurricane-prone Florida, is how your roof can help you protect your property in times of inclement weather. This entails investing in its proper maintenance at the hands of experienced Tampa roofers like Arry’s Roofing, who know better than to mess with the house feature that offers most of its security. One way roofers ensure this security through their services is by giving you the option to have a metal roof installed.

By roofing Tampa residences with metal systems, locals can sleep with utmost certainty in their safety.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Metal Roofs do cost more but there are several advantages, Tampa Bay Times, June 12, 2009)