How Do You Determine Who Are Legitimate Roofing Contractors in Tampa?

be smart in selecting a roofing contractor image

Tampa roofing contractors are a dime a dozen, and you’ll have to be careful to only hire the legitimate ones in the bunch. Know how to spot them by practicing vigilance and customer curiosity. Here are some tips on finding reliable and competent roofers:

Seek others’ recommendations.

Nothing beats the words of a trustworthy companion. Thus, it’s helpful to hear from friends, relatives, or authority figures about their experiences with their contractors and to ask recommendations from them.

Once you’ve gathered your candidates, research on them.

The Internet helps kids with their homework, and it can also help you with yours. Legitimate roofing contractors usually have their own websites put up, thus making it easier to look up their credentials.

Check out their profiles, professional affiliations, and even their customers’ review history. It helps to have an impression of the online reputation of your selected roofing candidate.

Check their licenses.

Licenses are proof of one’s credibility. Once you’ve contacted and finally met your roofing contractor, look out for their license number and paperwork.

Ask your contractors for a rundown of the process and the materials.

A little more curiosity won’t hurt. You might want to know just how knowledgeable your roofers are. In this case, have them specify the materials they’ll be using on your roof and how they’ll go about a project. It is also important to know how quickly they can finish a job—it won’t hurt to ask them about their planned start and completion dates for work.

Your contractors must value safety above everything else.

Your roof is going to be your house’s protection against the elements. You always need to work with a contractor, such as one from Arry’s Roofing, who understands that, and makes sure it will be taken care of.

If your roofing contractor passes these criteria, you can rest assured that you will receive services from a qualified Tampa roofing company that deserves your trust.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Be smart in selecting a roofing contractor, Tampa Bay Times,  May 16, 2008)