3 Things to Consider When Picking a Roof Material

You need to cover all the bases when looking for new roofing in St. Petersburg. This includes your choice of roofing material. You’ll be living with it for a long time and changing your mind halfway through will take considerable time and money. That’s why you have to make sure you pick the right one for your home.

Roof Materials

To help you narrow down your selection, Arry’s Roofing, your premier Florida roofing contractor, shares the essentials you need to consider.

Your Area’s Climate

Be sure to study your region’s weather patterns and environment. These factors can affect your new roof’s longevity and performance. For this reason, you should choose the material that suits the climate perfectly. Metal roofing from Arry’s Roofing, for instance, works better in hot and humid regions like Florida. This material comes with inherent reflective properties that reduce heat transfer, resulting in a cooler and more comfortable home.

Tile is another excellent choice for your new roof. It lowers the amount of heat that enters your home, since air circulates under the tiles. Like metal, it leads to considerable energy savings. By looking at your area’s climate as a guide to material selection, you can enjoy a roof that provides superior weather protection.

Your Home’s Architecture

You don’t want your new roof to look out of place with your home’s other design elements. To further enhance your home’s look, make sure that your choice of material complements its architectural style. Some options look better with a specific design. Spanish and Mediterranean-style homes are common in Florida, for example.

If you own a home with one of these styles, choose tile roofing. For contemporary-modern homes, metal roofing will be perfect. More traditional styles like Colonial and Craftsman work better with asphalt shingles. Arry’s Roofing carries all of these options. We only offer the highest quality materials from the leading manufacturers. With our selection, we’ll help you maximize your home’s beauty and maintain its architectural accuracy.

Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

It’s never too late to invest in greener options for your home. When investing in new roofing in Clearwater, consider how your choice of material contributes to energy efficiency. Arry’s Roofing can help you with this.

We carry the best-selling Timberline® Cool Series from GAF®. These shingles emulate the look of more premium materials like tile and slate. What makes them stand out more, however, is that they can reduce heat buildup in your attic. This results in thermally comfortable interiors minus the high cooling bills.

When looking for roofing materials that can further enhance your home’s look and feel, turn to Arry’s Roofing. Call us at (727) 938-9565 or fill out our form today for a free estimate.