4 Reasons You Should Schedule Your Roofing This Season

Contractors and other homeowners have likely recommended scheduling your roofing projects in the summer. It makes perfect sense; roofing projects often necessitate vacating the premises while the roofers do their work. Roofing replacement could take a day or so depending on the size and complexity of your project, so it’s easier to send the kids off to camp or to relatives while you stay and help oversee the project with your Tampa roofing contractor.

Schedule Your Roofing This Season

But what if circumstances prevent you from scheduling your roofing project in the summer? Do you wait for next year? Surprisingly, scheduling your roof replacement in the late summer to early fall is better. Here are four reasons for that:

1. Roofers Won’t Be as Busy

Contractors in just about every industry — roofers in Largo, FL, included — are likely fully booked during summer, and getting the perfect appointment could be hit-and-miss. Scheduling your roofing project in the fall means you’re more likely to schedule it in your own time, and you’re also more likely to hire the contractor of your choice.

2. Relatively Better Weather

There’s a time window in the late fall when hurricanes are likely to occur. By scheduling your roofing project at summer’s end, chances are you’d have at least a couple of weeks of lead time before hurricane season starts. The cooler temperatures also let your roofing contractors do a better job.

3. Hurricane Season Equals Emergency Repairs

You can depend on Arry’s Roofing should you need emergency roof assistance. However, the number of homeowners needing emergency roof repair in Tampa, FL, is likely to increase during hurricane season, so scheduling a roofing project this late in the year might not be a good idea. It also leaves your home vulnerable should a hurricane strike in the middle of a roof replacement project.

4. Stay Warm and Dry During Hurricane Season

There’s no feeling like knowing your home is ready for a hurricane. So finishing your roofing project this season gives you the peace of mind that you and your family will be warm and dry despite inclement weather.

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