Arry’s Roofing Debunks Common Metal Roofing Myths

Metal roofing is becoming increasingly popular for residential properties, yet some homeowners are still skeptical about it. This is largely due to misconceptions about how metal roofs actually work and look. In this post, Arry’s Roofing debunks the most common metal roofing myths.

Metal Roofing

Myth 1: Metal Roofs Are Loud

The fact that the roof is made of metal leads many to assume that it will be extremely noisy when it rains. This is false; a metal roof isn’t any louder than your standard asphalt shingle system—in fact metal is actually quieter! Unlike asphalt roofs, metal roofing systems have a solid sheathing under the underlayment, which acts as a noise muffler.

Myth 2: Metal Roofs Aren’t As Beautiful

When many people think of metal roofing, they envision bleak tin roofs on industrial buildings. Thankfully, advances in technology have made it possible for metal roofs to come in a range of profiles and styles, some even mimicking traditional roofing options. Additionally, metal roofs actually come with a wider color and texture palette than asphalt shingles. You can easily design a metal roof to complement your traditional- or modern-style home.

Myth 3: Metal Roofs Are Pricey

While it’s true that metal roofs do have a higher upfront cost, they offer a better lifetime value than asphalt shingles. Since they’re more durable, they require less maintenance. Additionally, they can last up to 50 years, more than twice the lifespan of asphalt shingle roofing.

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