Universal Roofing Systems for Homes and Businesses

Decades ago, there was a clear distinction between commercial and residential roofing systems. Advances in technology, however, have blurred this divide, with some roofing systems now versatile enough to work for both homes and businesses.

Roofing Systems

In this post, Arry’s Roofing discusses some flexible roofing systems that can work for both commercial and residential properties.

Metal Roofing

Although originally a purely commercial roofing material, metal is now popular enough in the residential realm that it’s starting to give asphalt shingles a run for their money. One of the reasons for metal’s growing popularity in the residential roofing market is that it’s highly versatile and can be shaped and molded without affecting its structural performance. It’s also more durable than asphalt shingles and lasts more than twice as long.

Flat and Low-Slope Roofing

Flat and low-slope roofing systems used to be an exclusive for commercial buildings, but they’re now becoming more popular for homes too. EPDM and PVC membrane roofing rank among the trendiest low-slope and flat roofing systems. Like metal roofs, they’re innately durable and low maintenance. Another benefit is that they’re easy to install, making them desirable for both homeowners and businesses

Tile Roofing

Finally, tile roofing has found its place among both residential and commercial property owners thanks to its longevity. What sets it apart from others and what secures it as a “universal” roofing choice is its low upkeep cost, a blessing for business owners with large commercial properties.

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