Attic Breeze®: Reasons It’s a Worthwhile Investment

Attic Breeze® revolutionizes the way you cool your home. Winner of Texas Energy Conservation Office’s 2011 Eureka Awards, Attic Breeze is a solar-powered ventilation system that allows your home to expel excessive attic heat without using electricity. It is programmed to run when the sun is up, which means the fan will only work when necessary and when you need it most. As one of the few roofing contractors qualified to install Attic Breeze, Arry’s Roofing Services is here to discuss the benefits of this product.


Weather-Resistant Design

Attic Breeze is as tough as your roofing system. It’s resilient to the harshest elements, standing up to hurricane force winds of over 170 mph. Florida and Texas have approved the use of this innovative green product in areas that normally experience windstorms.

The solar panels of Attic Breeze are commercial grade and have the strength of tempered glass. They can withstand hailstorms, and are also factory-tested to comply with the industry’s stringent impact resistance standards.

High-Performance Ventilation

Attic Breeze outperforms other ventilation products. Average whirlybird turbine vents generally produce about 500 to 700 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of airflow, while Attic Breeze can produce up to 2,100 CFM. Unlike whirlybird vents, which rely on wind to work, our solar fans can run with or without breezes, making Attic Breeze a more versatile product.

Ridge vents breathe out warm air only when the attic gets hot, typically when it reaches about 130° to 140°. Attic Breeze is more effective because it starts working the moment it catches sunlight. Our solar fans self-regulate and create drafts as soon as your attic registers 65° to 75°. Any experienced roofer would agree the innovative technology of these fans enables them to cool your attic much more efficiently than ridge vents.

Silent Operation

Attic Breeze’s fans run quietly, giving you a peaceful living space. Their proprietary five-wing aluminum blades are designed for optimum airflow performance, allowing them to produce less than 30 decibels of noise.

Keep your home cool the environmentally responsible way with Attic Breeze from Arry’s Roofing Services. We can install Attic Breeze on homes around Tampa and Clearwater, FL. Call us today at (727) 938-9565 to schedule your no-obligation consultation and get a FREE estimate.