Top Asphalt Shingle Types and Their Manufacturing Process

Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular residential roofing materials. The yare available in different shapes and sizes, and each type of shingle has a unique manufacturing process and design that defines the material’s performance and style. Here, Arry’s Roofing Services discusses the different types of shingles to help you choose the right option for your roofing project.


How Are Asphalt Shingles Made?

Manufacturers use different bases for asphalt shingles: organic and fiberglass. In the United States, organic asphalt shingles are traditionally built with a base of different cellulose fibers, such as wood and recycled waste paper. The shingles are saturated with a specially formulated coating, typically requiring the application of excess asphalt for additional weight. Each organic-based shingle surface has weather-resistant mineral granules.

Fiberglass-based shingles contain a base with 100% glass fibers of varying orientations and profiles for maximum strength and durability. Experienced roofers like Arry’s Roofing would agree that fiberglass mat is the biggest reason today’s shingles outperform their older counterparts.

Leading roofing manufacturers like GAF use premium limestone for their shingles and refrain from using unnecessary fillers. As a result, the shingles have optimum weight and exceptional performance against severe weather conditions.

What Are the Different Asphalt Shingle Types?

You can choose from two types of shingles for your roofing project:

  • Strip: These generally are composed of a single flat layer and are three times as long as they are wide. You can easily distinguish them by their number of cutouts. The most popular type is the three-tab shingle. Each tab has equal dimensions, which results in a uniform look rather than a textured or richly dimensional aesthetic.
  • Laminated: Laminated shingles have more than one layer of tabs for extra dimensionality. Also called architectural shingles, these are used by experienced roofing contractors to give your roof a rich, textured look. This effect allows the shingles to realistically emulate the look of wood shakes and slate tiles. As asphalt products are far less costly than traditional roofing materials, choosing laminated shingles lends your home a luxurious charm at a fraction of a cost.

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