Debunking 4 Most Common Metal Roofing Myths

According to a recent study, metal had an impressive jump in market share in the residential re-roofing segment. Between 2014 and 2015, its slice of the pie increased from 8% to 11%, putting it in second place behind asphalt shingles with 78%.

Metal Roofing

Despite metal roofing’s strong growth, it’s not wrong to argue that it could have gotten greater popularity without the common misconceptions about it. To help set the record straight, Arry’s Roofing wants to debunk the most common ones:

1. It Attracts Lightning

A metal roof conducts electricity, but it doesn’t draw it. Therefore, it wouldn’t increase the chances of your home getting hit by lightning. In fact, metal is even safer than other roofing materials because it’s non-combustible. It wouldn’t ignite in flames in case lightning strikes it.

2. It Doesn’t Fit the Style of Traditional Homes

Although metal is almost synonymous with modern architecture, it could also accentuate the iconic look of traditional homes. Metal roofing systems don’t just come in vertical panels; they’re also available in shingle, tile, and shake profiles to emulate the appearance of classic roofs. Coming in an array of colors, it’s easy to achieve your aesthetic goals with metal.

3. It Costs an Arm and a Leg

Affordability is relative. While metal roofing systems would cost more than asphalt shingle ones, they could provide greater savings in the long run. Many homeowners only think about the initial outlay and forget to consider life-cycle costs. In the grand scheme of things, the price of a high-quality metal roof is never unreasonable.

Metal is extremely resilient, withstanding virtually all detrimental elements. In turn, it reduces the odds of spending on repairs down the road. Furthermore, metal is exceptionally energy-efficient. A highly reflective and emissive one would block most of the sun’s rays and re-emit the majority of the energy it absorbs.

4. It Doesn’t Last As Long As Other Materials

In terms of durability, metal is on par with slate, clay, concrete tiles. The actual life span of these materials would depend on its long-term maintenance, but they all live long.

What makes metal roofing systems special, though, is the fact that they’re sturdy and lightweight. All traditional, hard-wearing materials are heavy, which would most likely strain your home’s original home structure over time. Plus, metal products are not brittle; they don’t crack and break randomly. As a result, they’re not high-maintenance.

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