Enhancing Your Home’s Curb Appeal with the Right Shingles

Investing in the right shingle roof to match your home’s architectural style can greatly increase its exterior appeal. By doing so, you put emphasis on its strong features, making it more eye-catching.

Red Asphalt Shingles

Arry’s Roofing suggests the best shingle options to match common home styles in the region.

This architectural style usually features stucco siding, lower pitched roofs, and an open floor plan. As a GAF Master Elite™ Tampa roofing company, we recommend the following shingle styles:

Monaco® – An industry-leading shingle, which offers the authentic look of European clay tile to match your Mediterranean home.
Grand Sequioa® – These affordable shingles feature oversized tabs to create a realistic wood shake look perfect for Tuscan homes.
Grand Canyon® – Their strong wood shake look makes them an ideal shingle option for both Tuscan and Mediterranean-style homes.

We also suggest earthy colors, such as grays, greens, and different shades of brown on your shingles.

A shingle style home is often characterized by distinct roof lines, complemented by an asymmetrical shape, and a front porch with columns. As your trusted specialist in roof replacement and
roof repair in Tampa, we recommend the following shingle designs:

Camelot® – These affordable options ensure reliability and lasting beauty.
Camelot II – They look similar to the original Camelot shingles, but come at a lower price.
Woodland® – Take pride in the stylish hand-cut European shingles without having to spend a fortune.

Choose either gray or brown shingle colors to add depth and mystery to your shingle-style home.

This home style is recognizable for its simplistic form and design. It features linear elements, such as beams, posts, and clean roof lines. For these kinds of architectural styles, your trusted Tampa roofers at Arry’s Roofing recommend Slateline® shingles. Bold shadow lines and tapered cutouts create the look of a slate, but without the high cost. You can choose from a wide selection of grays and browns to match your home’s exterior.

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